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What’s Taobao, Tmall and 1688?


Taobao is one of the largest and most popular Chinese online stores. It offers over 8 million products for every taste. You can find absolutely any product from a variety of clothes to rare collectable goods. And the main plus of Taobao is low prices for goods. It makes the online store even more attractive to customers.

Tmall is part of Taobao and also has hundreds of Chinese sellers and stores. But buyers deal only with the best and most trusted sellers here, as well as with well-known brands.

This is the main difference between Tmall and Taobao. So, goods can be sold by any people on Taobao, but Tmall site includes only checked sellers, corresponding to certain parameters — customers` feedback, compliance with trade rules and many others. That’s why Tmall prices are much higher than Taobo prices. But they offer various discounts and stocks often when you can buy a good thing at a very attractive price.

And our third provider is It is a small-wholesale branch of Alibaba, which is the owner of Taobao and Tmall. Since the online store is oriented towards wholesale purchases, goods price depends on its quantity. The more items of the product you order, the lower is its price. This is the main advantage of 1688.Although there is a retail sale for some products. They also have very good prices. And that’s because by buying at 1688, you work directly with Chinese manufacturers, so it’s much more profitable than buying at other Chinese market places. It is very common that sellers from Taobao or Aliexpress order goods from 1688 and then resell them with their mark-up.

People who don’t live in China have a hard enough time buying from these online stores. All information is available in Chinese only, prices are in yuan, and there are questions with international delivery. In addition, Alibaba closed its online shopping to unregistered users.

But you can find and buy any goods from Taobao in our online shop. All descriptions, characteristics and prices of goods are available in an accessible manner to the buyers. In your native language and currency. We will also deliver your goods as soon as possible.

Enjoy your shopping!

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